Urfas leather founded 1987. It is located in kasur.

With over 30 years of experience in processing and producing leather, it stands out on innovative vision, with a high technical knowledge and professional experience.

We work to get the highest quality in our products and our customer satisfaction. Because of this, we take the utmost care with all the production processes, starting with selection of all our raw material purchase. The processes of tanning and retanning are made with high-tech products and highly knowledgeable professionals in leather.

With our unparalleled quality, we export products over different countries.


Urfas leather and cowhide rugs industry committed to sustainable development, environmental preservation, social development and compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements defined by the organization.

Investments in improvements aim to maintain product quality and achieve economic, environmental and social goals and targets. In addition, it constantly seeks continuous improvement and optimization of production processes, always focusing on preventing negative impacts.